Immunocytochemical Analysis of Platinum-DNA Adducts

  • Leo den Engelse
  • Jan Schornagel
  • Frank Blommaert
  • Philippe Terheggen


Interaction with DNA is supposed to play an essential role in the cytostatic effects of platinum anti-tumor drugs like cisplatin (cisDDP) and carboplatin (CBDCA). Clinical resistance to cisplatin and carboplatin, both primary and acquired, might be related to decreased levels of DNA adduct formation and/or increased capacities to repair these adducts. We have studied DNA adduction by cisplatin and carboplatin at the level of the single cell. In the last decade, methods have been developed for the immunocytochemical analysis of DNA modifications induced by a variety of carcinogens, anti-cancer drugs and radiation [see Den Engelse et al., 1990 for review].


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  • Jan Schornagel
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  • Frank Blommaert
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  • Philippe Terheggen
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