Pt-DNA Interactions: Oligonucleotide Models

  • Luigi Marzilli
  • S. MukundanJr.
  • Yinghai Xu
  • Gerald Zon
  • Adelle Bergman
  • Paulos Yohannes
  • Michael D. Reily


Modern 2D NMR studies of oligonucleotides can provide insight into unusual structures present in DNA or RNA, such as hairpins, or novel structures formed by the treatment of DNA with anticancer drugs.1–11 Although 1H NMR spectra of regular duplex DNA structures can be assigned with little difficulty with the sequential assignment method, the spectra of conformationally flexible structures may lack some 1H-1H NOE crosspeaks needed for sequential assignments.2,3


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  • S. MukundanJr.
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  • Gerald Zon
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  • Paulos Yohannes
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