Metallized Indium Island Films for Flexible Automotive Trim

  • Richard Eisfeller
  • John S. Judge


Davidson has developed a unique process for metallizing flexible automotive trim to produce a bright metallic reflective appearance while maintaining durability and corrosion resistance. This process involves the vapor deposition of indium films onto polyurethane coated substrates. These films are subsequently etched opening up channels between islands of indium. The films are passivated with a topcoat of sprayed polyurethane which achieves its adhesion through the open channels to the undercoat. These channels are so small (~ 50 nm) that the film appears continuous. They also allow for flexibility without damage to the metal film.


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  • Richard Eisfeller
    • 1
  • John S. Judge
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  1. 1.Davidson Technology Center Textron IndustrialPark DoverUSA
  2. 2.John Judge & Assoc., Inc.DurhamUSA

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