Adherent Electroless Copper Layers on Polystyrene

  • Charles E. Baumgartner


Molded polystyrene and polystyrene containing blends such as Noryl®resin* can be chemically modified using chlorosulfonic acid to produce a sulfonic acid derivatized surface which is capable of being electrolessly copper plated using standard catalyzation and plating procedures. Following metallization, adhesion develops across the copper/polystyrene interface via a chemical bond that forms through the sulfonic acid linkage concomitant with the loss of interfacial water. The rate at which adhesion develops after plating increases with bake temperature and, for a given temperature, increases with decreasing relative humidity. No adhesion develops in ambients with a relative humidity approaching 100%.


Interfacial Adhesion Peel Test Chlorosulfonic Acid Electroless Copper Bake Condition 
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