Subjective Images and Meanings: Assessment and Use

  • Rogelio Diaz-Guerrero
  • Lorand B. Szalay
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In view of the novelty of the information produced by the Associative Group Analysis (AGA) method used in the study reported here, it is of particular importance to examine its origin and the characteristics which bear closely on its utilization. Following a brief description of the method will be a discussion of those characteristics of the information which set it apart from the main sources of knowledge the reader is familiar with. A review of these characteristics offers a natural opportunity to discuss potential contributions and limitations.


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  • Rogelio Diaz-Guerrero
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  • Lorand B. Szalay
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  1. 1.National University of MexicoMexico CityMexico
  2. 2.Institute of Comparative Social and Cultural StudiesChevy ChaseUSA

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