Economy, Money

  • Rogelio Diaz-Guerrero
  • Lorand B. Szalay
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According to leading experts on world development, such as Sigmund (1967) and Lewis (1966), the most consequential division of the people of the world is between the rich and the poor, between the industrially highly developed and the underdeveloped nations. Since economic considerations bear on human subsistence, they are probably dominant in people’s minds everywhere. The findings presented in the chapter on national images show that the Mexicans perceive themselves as members of a poor nation which is plagued by problems stemming from underdevelopment. At the same time, their image of the United States is characterized by wealth and economic power. The sharpness of this contrast makes a comparison of American and Mexican views of such pressing economic problems as poverty, inflation, and unemployment particularly relevant and interesting. They may affect the perceptions and meanings even of such basic subjects as money and economy.


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