Lipoxin Generation in Human Whole Blood: Monitoring by Electron-Capture NICI GC/MS

  • Charles N. Serhan
  • Damian A. Brezinski
Part of the GWUMC Department of Biochemistry Annual Spring Symposia book series (GWUN)


Mammalian lipoxygenase-derived products of arachidonic acid were first identified with cells of hematopoietic origins (reviewed in ref. 1). Products of these enzymatic pathways (e.g. leukotrienes) play critical roles in a wide range of physiologic responses (2). The lipoxins (LX) are an addition to the established family of bioactive eicosanoids. Members of the LX series contain a conjugated tetraene structure, can be generated by the interactions of individual lipoxygenases or by cell-cell interactions, and display a profile of bioactions unique among eicosanoids (reviewed in 2,3). Results from several laboratories now show that lipoxin A4 can block the proinflammatory actions of leukotriene B4 and the hemodynamic effects of leukotriene D4. LXA4 may also play an intracellular role in its cell of origin, since it activates isolated protein kinase C and has been found to inhibit IP3 formation (recently reviewed in ref. 3). Thus, as is the case with other bioactive eicosanoids, the availability of appropriate quantitative methods will play a critical role in assessing the temporal association between lipoxin formation and their potential involvement in both physiologic and pathophysiologic events.


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  • Charles N. Serhan
    • 1
  • Damian A. Brezinski
    • 1
  1. 1.Hematology Division, Department of MedicineBrigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical SchoolBostonUSA

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