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It has long been known that the aqueous solubility of sparingly soluble or insoluble substances can be increased by adding an appropriate third component. Systematic studies using surfactants led to this phenomenon being called solubilization.1,2 Solubilization plays a very important role in industrial and biological processes. McBain and Hutchinson defined solubilization as “a particular mode of bringing into solution substances that are otherwise insoluble in a given medium, involving the previous presence of a colloidal solution whose particles take up and incorporate within or upon themselves the otherwise insoluble material.”1 This definition is too narrow, because the increase in solubility is not always caused by direct introduction of colloidal particles into the system. More often, the enhanced solubility of the solubilizates as colloidal particles is due to the presence of a third component. Therefore, the term solubilization has come to have the following very broad definition: “the preparation of a thermodynamically stable isotropic solution of a substance normally insoluble or very slightly soluble in a given solvent by the introduction of an additional amphiphilic component or components.”2


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