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Across the world, millions of girls and women needlessly suffer the severe consequences of reproductive tract infections (RTIs). For example, estimates from hospital data presented in this volume suggest that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) may have directly affected 10 percent of the 1.2 million women who had live births in Kenya in 1987:
  • Some 80,000 women developed postpartum pelvic infection.

  • Of these women, 8,000–16,000 became infertile as a result of infection.

  • Approximately 22,000 infants died or suffered permanent disabling sequelae; 4,000 stillbirths occurred; 10,000 infants acquired perinatal HIV.

  • About 90,000 infants developed eye infections, and 10,000 of these were at risk of blindness; 10,000 infants acquired chlamydial pneumonia.


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