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In a modern society, professional engineers and technical managers are responsible for the planning, design, manufacture and operation of products and systems ranging from simple products to complex systems. The failure of these can often cause effects that range from inconvenience and irritation to a severe impact on society and on its environment. Users, customers and society in general expect that products and systems are reliable and safe. The question that arises is, ‘How reliable or how safe will the system be during its future operating life?’ This question can be answered, in part, by the use of quantitative reliability evaluation. In consequence a considerable awareness has developed in the application of such techniques to the design and operation of simple and complex systems together with an increasing amount of legal requirements, including product liability aspects and statutory directives. This book is primarily concerned with describing a wide range of reliability evaluation techniques and their application. However, it is first beneficial to discuss some of the issues and philosophy that relate to reliability in order to put these techniques into perspective and to identify the background from which the various techniques and measures have evolved, as well as to show why the techniques have been developed.


Reliability Index Preventive Maintenance Reliability Evaluation Reliability Growth Relative Reliability 
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