Operational Research in Organizations

  • Paul Keys
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It emerges from the analysis of the OR process in the previous chapter that it provides a strong interaction between the operational researchers and the organization to which it is relevant. In this chapter the character of this interaction and its implications for the practice of OR groups based in and primarily serving a particular organization are examined. The processes concerned operate at two particular levels. First, there is a set of connections which need to occur if a particular study, or project, is to be successfully carried out. These connections are partially described in the previous chapter and are associated with the various stages of the OR process as discussed there. Second, there is a more complex and sophisticated set of interactions between the OR analysts in an organization and the other parts of that organization which are concerned with the broader role of the OR group. These connections are not captured by the discussion in the previous chapter, and their nature will become clearer after the first level has been considered in detail below.


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