Introduction to Section 2 and 3

  • Barbara L. Finlay
  • Giorgio Innocenti
  • Henning Scheich
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Section 2: “Comparative aspects of forebrain organization” contains chapters about the organizational properties of the telencephalon and associated structures for major vertebrate lineages, at many levels of analysis. Section 3, “Neuroembryology of the neocortex” contains parallel chapters about the developmental mechanisms that produce the neocortex. While these sections can be read independently, it was the intent of the conference to find explicit relationships between these two ways of comprehending the brain. In the many discussions at the Angelo Mosso Institute, some clear relationships did emerge, and as many questions. The following summary reflects both these discussions, and the editors’ ideas of the relationships of these papers. The authors themselves need bear no responsibility for heedless overinterpretation of their papers!


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