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Nonpyramidal Neurons in the Mammalian Hippocampus: Principles of Organization and Development

  • Eduardo Soriano
  • José A. Del Río
  • Isidro Ferrer
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 200)


The hippocampus has traditionally been considered a simple cortex, with some primitive structural characteristics. For example, its particular cytoarchitectonics, with the main cell types densely packed in single layers and the segregated distribution of many hippocampal afferents, resembles the organization of phylogenetically more primitive cortices, like those of reptiles (see Lohman, this volume). In this paper we show that, in spite of this relatively simple organization, the hippocampal cortex contains essentially the same types of nonpyramidal cells or local circuit neurons (as we will call them here) as the neocortex. However, in contrast to the neocortex, there is a particular laminar distribution of nonpyramidal cells in the hippocampus and area dentata. We then focus on the neurogenesis of hippocampal nonpyramidal cells. We will provide evidence that the simpler organization of the hippocampal cortex may help us to understand some general developmental mechanisms related to the genesis and maturation of cortical interneurons.


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  • José A. Del Río
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  • Isidro Ferrer
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