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Emergence of Radial and Modular Units in Neocortex

  • Mathew E. Diamond
  • Ford F. Ebner
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 200)


Our strategy here is to compare the cortical organization of phylogenetically distant species. We can view the shared features as themes conserved during the course of evolution and the features of cortical organization that differ among species as variations on a common theme. We will compare the most primitive dorsal cortex found among living vertebrates, the visual cortex of turtles, with the somatic sensory field of mammalian neocortex. The comparison is based on classical cell morphology combined with modern intracellular and extracellular electrophysiol-ogy, tract tracing, and receptive field mapping.


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  • Mathew E. Diamond
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  • Ford F. Ebner
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