Aspects on the Synthesis and Design of 11C-Tracers for PET

  • Bengt Långström
  • Gunnar Antoni
  • Yvonne Andersson
  • Svante Axelsson
  • Peter Bjurling
  • Karl-Johan Fasth
  • Anthony Gee
  • Katarina Hörnfeldt
  • Tor Kihlberg
  • Göran Westerberg
  • Yasuyoshi Watanabe


The design of tracers labelled with short-lived positron emitting radionuclides, for non-invasive use in combination with positron emission tomography (PET), is an important factor when considering the fate of the tracer in vivo. PET is a technique with a possibility of measuring events in complex systems with many parameters, which might effect the outcome of the process studied. Simplified models have to be used to describe the system. The design aspects of the radiotracer with respect to which radionuclide to choose, what position to label, which stereochemical form to use or combining multiple isotopic labelling are becoming more and more important because it can be used to test models with regard to essential physiological parameters such as flow, transport, binding, metabolism etc.


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  • Gunnar Antoni
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  • Yvonne Andersson
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  • Svante Axelsson
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  • Peter Bjurling
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  • Karl-Johan Fasth
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  • Anthony Gee
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  • Katarina Hörnfeldt
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  • Tor Kihlberg
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  • Göran Westerberg
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  • Yasuyoshi Watanabe
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  2. 2.Osaka Bioscience InstituteOsakaJapan

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