Facilitating the Design and Operation of Computer-Controlled Radiochemistry Synthesizers with an “Electronic Toolbox”

  • Anthony L. Feliu


Positron emission tomography (PET)1,2 is a non-invasive diagnostic imaging technique in which short-lived radioactive tracers are used to selectively measure the anatomical distribution and kinetics of in vivo biochemical processes. Since medical applications of PET critically depend on rapid and reliable radiochemistry, the proliferation of clinical PET centers during recent years has stimulated extensive research efforts to develop efficient devices for automating radiopharmaceutical production. Automated systems offer a host of potential advantages over manually- or remotely-operated apparatus, including reduced personnel requirements, lower radiation exposure to personnel, reliable yields, and reproducible product purity. Notwithstanding these advantages, the burden of routine radiopharmaceutical production most often remains a labor-intensive responsibility of highly trained radiochemists.


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