Chemical Interfaces: Structure, Properties and Relaxation

  • A. Ourmazd
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 281)


Any finite system is delimited by interfaces. In this trivial sense interfaces are ubiquitous. However, modern epitaxial techniques seek to modify the properties of materials by the creation of interfaces. ‘Band gap engineering’, the attempt to tailor the electronic properties of semiconductors by interleaving many dissimilar layers is an extreme example of this approach. Technologically most advanced and thus most widely used are interfaces between lattice-matched, isostructural, crystalline systems, differing only in composition. These ‘chemical’ interfaces, are formed by the introduction of dopant impurities, or by the stacking of dissimilar materials. Chemical interfaces formed by the epitaxial growth of dissimilar materials are the subject of this article.


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