Basic Optical Properties of Low Dimensional Structures for Applications to Lasers, Electro-Optic and Non-Linear Optical Devices

  • C. Weisbuch
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 281)


The purpose of this set of lectures is to introduce students to the field of the optical properties of Low Dimensional Structures (LDS’s) and their applications. As this field has already reached immense dimensions and is still growing very fast, we only cover some very fundamental items, most of them of universal use in LDS’s, with illustrations only in the directgap type I quantum well, examplified by the GaAs/GaAlAs system. We have chosen to cover the following few topics:
  • Basic optical properties of LDS’s, and their relation to optical properties of isolated atoms and 3D solids.

  • Selected illustrations of the linear optical properties of quantum wells.

  • Quantum well lasers

  • Electro-optical and non-linear optical properties of Quantum wells

  • Fundamentals and applications of quantum well wires (QWW) and dots (QD).


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