Terminating a Relationship

The Ecology of Therapy and Its Participants
  • Forrest B. Tyler
  • Deborah Ridley Brome
  • Janice E. Williams
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In the preceding two chapters, we discussed the new and somewhat unique shared ecosystem that the therapist and the client form. Further, they utilize their therapeutic relationship as a way of working together to help the client resolve some personal and interpersonal confusions, difficulties, and conflicts. In the present chapter we turn to the task of concluding our therapeutic relationships. We have emphasized that we bring our ethnic ecosystems into therapy with us and that we transcend them as we build and utilize a shared ecosystem. We have been stressing that in doing so the therapist and the client are changing as individuals in a variety of ways. Now we need to look at how they have changed and how they leave each other and go ahead with their lives. Specifically, how do they return to their respective worlds? What has therapy meant to them? What does their relationship mean to them? Personally? Ethnically? What new understandings and feelings do they carry back to their own separate worlds about others from their own ecosystem and others from different ethnic/racial ecosystems?


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