Clinical Reactions to the Effects of Police Work

  • Philip Bonifacio
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One of the basic tenets of the psychodynamic model is that behavior is overdetermined. This means that there is almost always more than one cause of someone’s overt behavior, so there are invariably several causes underlying a particular act. In essence, we must regard behavior as very much like a bill passed in Congress: every committee having something to do with the bill has some input; lobbyists influence the legislators to vote for or against it; both houses have to accept its provisions through compromise; the executive must sign it; and the judiciary must not question its legality. Consequently, the bill is the product of the influence of all these groups, which often conflict with each other for dominance, and its passage is the outcome of conflict and compromise among them. In the same way behavior is the result of the interaction of several causes that may compete with each other for expression. It reflects the influence, conflicts and compromise among the id, ego and superego.


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