Giardia lamblia

The Transfer of Human Infections by Foods
  • Robert J. Barnard
  • George J. Jackson


Foods may be involved in the spread of Giardia cysts (Table 1) not because the animal or plant source is a requisite host in the life cycle of the parasite, but because of circumstances that cause food contamination (Bier, 1981; Healy et al., 1976). Although the epidemiology of giardiasis appears to resemble that of amebiasis, it is not identical and is not as well documented. A comparison of Entamoeba histolytica and Giardia infections shows that age prevalence curves for E. histolytica infections nearly always indicate a steady level in adults, whereas with Giardia infections there is a marked age decline. Giardiasis is of relatively short duration and, at least in normal adults, rarely exceeds 3 months; in contrast, an E. histolytica infection may last for many years.


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