Cellular and Humoral Immunity in Giardiasis

  • I. C. Roberts-Thomson
  • R. F. Anders


The high frequency of giardiasis in patients with hypogammaglobulinemia (Ament and Rubin, 1972) and the demonstration of spontaneous resolution of infection in man (Rendtorff, 1954) and experimental animals (Roberts-Thomson et al., 1976b) have strongly suggested the existence of a protective immune response to Giardia. However, analysis of the immune response has only become possible in recent years with the development of methods for the culture of some Giardia species in vitro (Meyer, 1976) and isolation and purification of trophozoites from the upper small bowel of mice (Roberts-Thomson and Mitchell, 1979). Preliminary studies of the nature of trophozoite antigens are now being undertaken and antibodies to trophozoite antigens have been demonstrated by indirect immunofluorescence (Ridley and Ridley, 1976; Radulescu et al., 1976; Visvesvara et al., 1980), radioimmunoassay (Anders et al., 1982), and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (Smith et al., 1981). Such studies should lead to the development of an immunodiagnostic test for giardiasis which could replace demonstration of cysts in stools or trophozoites in small bowel aspirates or biopsies.


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  • R. F. Anders
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