Neuroanatomy of Emotions

  • P. V. Simonov
Part of the Emotions, Personality, and Psychotherapy book series (EPPS)


The methodology of direct stimulation of the brain with electrical current through previously implanted electrodes is of enormous significance for disclosing and analyzing the brain structures that are directly responsible for the development and realization of emotional reactions (Hess, 1968). Successes in stereotaxic neurosurgery made the use of this method of diagnosis and treatment possible, and this opened the way for comparing the effects of stimulation with verbal responses of patients about their emotional state (Sem-Jacobsen, Heath, Delgado, Bekhtereva, Smirnov, et al.). The zones of stimulation that elicited emotional reactions of various intensity and stability in patients are presented in Fig. 23, taken from the work of Bekhtereva (1971).


Left Hemisphere Lateral Hypothalamus Conditioned Signal Theta Rhythm Frontal Section 
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