Simultaneous Technique for Acuity and Readiness Testing

  • Raymond A. Sturner
  • Sandra G. Funk
  • James A. Green
Part of the Topics in Developmental Psychobiology book series (TDP)


Almost all pediatricians feel that developmental screening should be a standard part of routine child health examinations (Smith, 1978). However, this belief is only rarely reflected in actual practice. The reason most often given by pediatricians for their failure to carry out the screening is that the tests are too time-consuming. Although pediatricians typically claim that they are able to accomplish developmental screening through informal observations of the child’s responses to the usual health examination procedures, this approach to screening has been shown to be unreliable (Bierman, Connor, Vaage, & Honzik, 1964; Korsch, Cobb, & Ashe, 1961). On the theory that reliable, valid, and efficient developmental screening can be accomplished during the course of routine health examinations, providing simultaneous screening of health and development, the current study attempted to revitalize and systematize the observational process that pediatricians claim to do during health examinations. The research being reported here is an attempt to test the proposition that simultaneous screening can be both effective and efficient. Specifically, it uses the routine preschool vision acuity screening test to not only screen for visual acuity, but also as a means to detect children with educational handicaps.


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  • Raymond A. Sturner
    • 1
  • Sandra G. Funk
    • 1
  • James A. Green
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of PediatricsDuke University Medical CenterDurhamUSA

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