Adipose Tissue Growth and Obesity

  • Irving M. Faust


Since the publication of the first edition of this treatise, there has been steady progress in the understanding of adipose tissue growth and development, particularly with regard to the problem of obesity. The results of a wide variety of experiments have begun to answer important questions at all levels from the cellular to the human/organismic. Extensive review articles written during this time chart the progress of these studies and suggest the directions to be taken by future research (e.g., Hirsch et al., 1979; Kirtland and Gurr, 1979; Hausman et al., 1980; Leibel et al., 1983; Harris and Martin, 1984; Faust and Kral, 1985; Leibel, 1985b). Three particularly noteworthy books have also appeared during the past few years (Bonnet, 1981; Angel et al., 1983; Van and Cryer, 1985), which are devoted almost entirely to detailed reviews of major subtopics in the areas of adipose tissue growth, adipose tissue metabolism and obesity. The present chapter focuses on a selection of recent findings pertaining to the growth of adipose tissue, the regulation of adipose mass, and aspects of these processes that bear on the problem of obesity.


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