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Sexual Problems

  • Betty N. Gordon
  • Carolyn S. Schroeder
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A wide variety of sexual problems can be seen among children and adolescents, ranging from physical/anatomical abnormalities that have an impact on later psychological and social development to “public or semipublic behaviors that cause adults (usually the parents) embarrassment and concern because they are a departure from society’s expectations” (Haroian, 1991, p. 432). In this chapter, we begin with a discussion of the effects of living with gay or lesbian parents. Although research has shown that children raised by homosexual parents are at no greater risk for psychological problems than those with heterosexual parents, this topic is included here because it is of increasing importance for child clinicians, especially those who deal with issues of divorce and custody. This discussion is followed by an examination of the literature on physical and behavioral sexual problems, including sexual errors of the body, gender identity disorder, precocious puberty, and sexualized behavior.


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