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Quadratic Forms and Optimization

  • James M. Ortega
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We now begin several applications of the theory developed in the last two chapters. In the present chapter we consider first the geometry of the solution sets of quadratic equations in n variables. These solution sets generalize ellipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas in two variables, and a classification of their geometry in n dimensions is given by the inertia of the coefficient matrix of the quadratic form. In the next section we treat the unconstrained quadratic optimization problem and show that a necessary and sufficient condition for a unique solution is that the coefficient matrix be definite. We then consider the special constrained optimization problem of a quadratic function on the unit sphere and show that the maximum and minimum are just the largest and smallest eigenvalues of the coefficient matrix. This leads to the famous min-max representation of the eigenvalues of a Hermitian matrix. In Section 4.3 we specialize the minimization problem to the very important least squares problem and give the basic result on the existence and uniqueness of a solution. Particular examples are the linear regression and polynomial approximation problems. Then we treat the least squares problem in a more general way and obtain a minimum norm solution in the case that the original problem has infinitely many solutions. We show that this minimum norm solution can be represented in terms of a generalized inverse based on the singular value decomposition.


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