Low Frequency Responses of Condensed Matter

  • K. L. Ngai
Part of the Nato Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 60)


The lectures I shall give here will be based on recent works that I have been involved in during the last three years. These works have been the source of a number of articles in the literature. All of these are concerned with low frequency fluctuation, relaxation and dissipation phenomena of condensed matter. They include a collection of perhaps the oldest problems in condensed matter physics that have eluded satisfactory solutions. What I have done as the title suggests is to give a fundamental theoretical model based on new concepts that can successfully account for a host of these low frequency fluctuation, relaxation and dissipation phenomena. In this way, I have given them a unified physical description. Furthermore, I have made a rather comprehensive survey of experimental data, and extensive comparisons with the predictions of my universal theory. The function of this universal theory is not only to provide a unified physical basis for the low frequency properties but also to resolve the impasse in the interpretations of experimental data of several active research areas in solid-state physics today.


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