On Pólya Frequency Functions. III. The Positivity of Translation Determinants with an Application to the Interpolation Problem by Spline Curves

  • I. J. Schoenberg
  • Anne Whitney
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1. A frequency function Δ(x), i. e., a non-negative measurable function satisfying the inequalities
$$ 0 < \int_{ - \infty }^\infty {\Lambda \left( x \right)dx < } \infty , $$
is called a Pólya frequency function provided(2) it satisfies the following condition: For every two sets of increasing numbers
$$ \begin{array}{*{20}{c}} {{x_1} < {x_2} < \cdots < {x_n},}&{amp;{y_1} < {y_2} < \cdots < {y_n},}&{amp;n = 1,{\mkern 1mu} 2,{\mkern 1mu} \cdots ,} \end{array} $$
we have the inequality
$$ D \equiv \det {\left\| {\Lambda \left( {{x_i} - {y_i}} \right)} \right\|_{1,n}}0. $$


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  • Anne Whitney
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