Photovoltaic Measurements, Junction Analysis, and Material Characterization

  • Kasturi Lal Chopra
  • Suhit Ranjan Das


Successful production of an efficient solar cell requires the coupling of fabrication techniques with a basic understanding of the device. It is thus of fundamental interest to be able to correlate the cell performance with the basic structural, electronic, and optical properties of the semiconductor in order to evaluate precisely their respective contributions to the junction behavior and identify avenues of further improvement in conversion efficiency. Therefore, a detailed characterization of the material parameters of the various components of the solar cell is imperative. The junction must be evaluated in terms of current-voltage (I–V) and capacitance-voltage (I–V) characteristics and spectral response to obtain essential functional parameters such as reverse saturation current density J s , diode factor n, ionized impurity concentration N D , diffusion voltage V D , barrier height φ B , depletion width W, and junction field F. Based on these data, an energy band diagram for the junction can be formulated and a physical model proposed to describe the basic mechanisms governing cell performance. Coupled with carrier and photon loss measurements and analyses, device modeling can be a very effective aid in the optimization of a photovoltaic device. This chapter deals with the basic experimental techniques of evaluating solar cell performance and related diagnostic measurements, with special emphasis on techniques developed specifically for thin film solar cells.


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