Photoelectrochemical Cells

  • Kasturi Lal Chopra
  • Suhit Ranjan Das


The change in the electrode potential (on open circuit) or in the current flowing in the external circuit (under short-circuit conditions) of an electrode/electrolyte system on irradiation is termed a photoelectrochemical effect.(1) Photoelectrochemical (PEC) cells employing a semiconductor/electrolyte junction have gained popularity in recent years for solar energy conversion in view of some potential advantages over conventional solid state solar cells. These are: (i) PEC devices can both store energy in the form of conventional fuels and convert light directly to electrical energy. (ii) The devices can be fabricated easily and the band-bending characteristics of the semiconductor can be suitably modified by proper choice of electrolyte and cell variables. (iii) Problems associated with differential thermal expansion of solid-solid junctions are not present. (iv) Capability for in situ storage exists. (v) It is possible to fabricate hybrid (photovoltaic and photothermal) systems.


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