Applications of Tests in Reading Instruction

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As noted in Chapter 2, reading instruction has always been an area of intense controversy. Writers (Flesch, 1955, for example) have argued strenuously that reading problems are largely the result of using improper teaching methods. But just what constitutes “proper teaching methods” is a matter of some dispute. Goodman and Goodman (1979) argue for “language-based” methods; Flesch is a champion of decoding and “phonics” instruction. Most experts imply that it is nothing short of a miracle that anyone taught using techniques different from those they advocate ever learns to read. Yet most children manage quite well in any type of reading course. There is, of course, a great deal of overlap among teaching methods, so that rarely is a child exposed to a “pure” language or phonics curriculum. Nevertheless, it seems fair to say that for the average child,* reading instruction by any method is equally likely to be successful.


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