In Vitro Callus Formation and Propagation of Sugarcane

  • M. Sarwar
Part of the Basic Life Sciences book series (BLSC, volume 32)


Cultures were established using the fully developed, top 4 buds from field-grown canes of Saccharum officinarum var. BL 4. During the initial culture, expiant browning was controlled by presoaking 30- to 50-mm stem sets, having one bud each, for 4 to 5 hr in 5% Clorox. During subculture, the death of in vitro-produced plantlets because of browning was controlled by keeping the cultures in the dark for the first week. Maximum bud proliferation was obtained on the media having 1 to 5 μM benzylaminopurine or 20 to 40 μM kinetin. Up to 40 plantlets were obtained in 50 days. Only one culture of explanted stem pith produced callus on 1.5 Ü 10−5 M 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid medium.


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