Transportation Users’ Movements in Paris in the 1970s

  • Chester Hartman
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In comparing France with the United States, one is struck by the paucity of citizens’ groups here established to deal with transportation issues. Looking through a list of 180 participants at a 1978 national conference on Transportation’s Role in Neighborhood Revitalization (sponsored by the Conservation Foundation for the Urban Mass Transportation Administration) in which a major topic was “citizen involvement” and whose goal was to “seek advice from citizen leaders and state and local officials,” just one represented group was clearly a citizens’ transportation organization. The other participants were from a range of general-purpose national and local citizens’ organizations (47%); public officials from federal, state and local government transportation agencies (29%); private consultants (10%); and the media (3%).1 The number of local and national citizen-based activist transportation groups in the United States is minuscule. By comparison, a two-week field trip to Paris revealed a plethora of such groups and a long history of successful involvement in influencing various levels of transportation policy and programs.


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