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Particle Deposition and Diffusivities Along Smooth Surfaces

  • George A. Sehmel
Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 2)


Particle mass transport and deposition mechanisms of eddy diffusion, particle inertia, and lift forces are described by “effective” eddy diffusion coefficients, s, directed toward the deposition surface. Of principal concern is the eddy diffusion coefficient in the region very close to a surface in which the turbulence scale and intensity decrease rapidly as the surface is approached. These eddy diffusion coefficients are predicted from particle deposition velocity measurements through the use of a model which describes particle deposition in terms of eddy diffusion, Brownian diffusion, and the terminal settling velocity.


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  • George A. Sehmel
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  1. 1.Battelle, Pacific Northwest Laboratories RichlandWashingtonUSA

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