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The U. S. Navy Peppard Program

  • Bernard E. Drimmer
Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 2)


The U. S. Navy is undertaking an extensive program to minimize, and eliminate, if possible, all of its environment-harming activities. This stems from the world-wide awareness of the accelerating degradation of the environment resulting from mankind’s activities. This paper will describe one element of the Navy effort: the PEPPARD Program. “PEPPARD” is an acronym for “Propellant, Explosive, Pyrotechnic Pollution Abatement Research and Development” Program. The PEPPARD program was initiated to develop pollution-free alternatives to the routine (and in some instances, not-so-routine) activities necessary to providing the U. S. Navy with ordnance. In a word, then, this paper will describe the Navy’s Research and Development effort supporting the rather extensive on-going “clean-up” program where standard engineering techniques are being employed to eliminate practices which in the past were considered “acceptable”, though sometimes annoying.


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