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Pollution Abatement in the Manufacture and Loading of Propellants & Explosives

  • Irving Forsten
Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 2)


The United States Army Munitions Command, Dover, New Jersey is responsible for the manufacture and load, assemble and pack of explosives for the Army. Because of the nature of the industry and its uniqueness to military needs, there are many pollution problems that arise which are not being addressed by the private industrial complex. (See figures 1–3) In the area of pollution abatement, Picatinny Arsenal, Dover, New Jersey, a commodity center under Munitions Command, has the lead responsibility for abatement at the 17 Government Owned Contractor Operated Plants who manufacture and load, assemble, and pack munitions items.


Pilot Plant Pollution Abatement Lead Responsibility Typical Pollutant Lead Azide 
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