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Solutions to Problems of Soil Pollution by Agricultural Chemicals

  • I. J. Graham-Bryce
Part of the Environmental Science Research book series (ESRH, volume 2)


Pollution is an imprecise concept that is difficult to define satisfactorily. Rather than add to the many definitions that have been attempted, I shall discuss methods of improving contaminated soils and of avoiding such contamination, taking the point of view that ideally agricultural chemicals should not persist in biologically active forms for longer than necessary for their intended effects and should be free from undesirable side effects. Although this discussion is limited to soils, it must be emphasised that soil cannot be considered in isolation, and a process that simply passes a persistent chemical on to another part of the environment is not an allowable solution to the problem of soil pollution. Failure to consider the fate of a chemical once it has left the immediate area where it was applied has contributed to many of the most difficult problems in the past.


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