The Cemeteries of the Maros Group

  • John M. O’Shea
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Unlike the settlements of the Maros Group, the cemeteries have been extensively investigated and documented. The earliest among these, the sites of Óbéba, investigated in 1903, and Ószentiván, with excavations beginning in 1926, figured prominently in Childe’s synthesis of the character of the Perjámos culture (Childe 1929). In the decades immediately following, a number of Maros cemeteries were excavated in Hungary under the direction of Móra Ferenc, including Deszk A, Deszk F, Pitvaros, and Szöreg. In the 1960s, the large Mokrin cemetery was excavated in north central Yugoslavia. This major excavation, under the direction of Milorad Girić, produced the largest and best documented of the Maros cemeteries known to date.


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