Urbanization and Quality of Life in Asia

  • Kanae Tanigawa
  • Kunio Tanaka


Many cities in Asia, as in many other parts of the world, find their cities’ level and rate of urbanization excessive and are unable to provide necessary services and facilities to the residents (United Nations, 1989). This, in turn, produces various urban problems in housing, employment, and social services, crime, traffic congestion, pollution, etc. A recent study found that, of the 100 largest cities in the world, 34 are located in Asia. Except for three cities in Japan, most cities are located in the developing countries in Asia (Population Crisis Committee, 1990). This reality breaks the historical connection between city size and levels of economic development. Some of the cities in Asia, in part from rapid population growth, find their population size unmanageable, and lose their strength and vitality.


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  • Kunio Tanaka
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  2. 2.Higashinada-ku, KobeJapan

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