Progress Toward a Transcript Map of the Human Genome

  • Anthony R. Kerlavage
  • Mark D. Adams
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A major goal of the human genome project is the identification and mapping of the complete complement of human genes. Single-pass, partial sequencing of cDNA clones to generate Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) has provided a rapid method of gene discovery (Adams et al., 1991), which has been widely applied in humans and other species (Bogusky et al., 1993). In addition, the EST strategy provides a key resource for gene mapping (Polymeropoulos et al., 1993); Durkin et al., 1994; Korenberg et al., 1995). The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) has sequenced ESTs from over 300 human cDNA libraries made from single cells, fetal and embryonic tissues, a large number of adult organs and tissues, and cancerous tissues (Adams et al., 1995). The combination of data on gene expression and putative gene functions inferred from sequence similarity provides a powerful means of assessing the transcriptional activity of the genome in the cells and tissues of an organism.


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