Perennial Ryegrass (Lolium perenne) Staggers in the Central Tablelands, NSW, Australia

A Survey of Livestock Producers
  • W. M. Wheatley


Perennial ryegrass is an important component of improved pastures in the Central tablelands of NSW, mainly due to better animal production, ease of establishment and palatability. Livestock producers have had ongoing spasmodic problems in both sheep and cattle with perennial ryegrass staggers. There has also been an apparent lack of productivity in the autumn, even when seasonal conditions have been satisfactory. The perennial ryegrass/Acremonium/livestock association affects the grazing industries in a variety of ways (Fletcher et al., 1990; Cunningham et al., 1993; Familton et al., 1995), yet livestock producers only appear to relate the problem to ryegrass staggers. Even then, a problem is perceived only in years when this disorder is severe. They appear to see it as a management problem that one has to learn to live with.


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