Modelling Information Flow for IS Development

  • Jun-Kang Feng


The information factor in information systems research and information system development is not well understood and its importance fully recognised. Information is by many taken as a synonym of data, information flow is hardly mentioned in the information systems (IS) development literature, such as many well known methodologies for IS development or computer applications development, such as SSADM. My view is that information system research should centre on the concepts of ‘information’ and’ system’. The latter has been said much more than the former thanks to probably the work of systems thinkers, such as Checkland (1981), Wilson (1984), Stowell and West (1994), and Lewis (1995). Without a good understanding of the information factor, our knowledge about IS will not be balanced and satisfactory. We have encountered enormous difficulties when we try to move from the high level appreciation of a problem domain to the formal specifications of the computer based information systems, which is evidence of the above problem. Thus information should also, just like’ system’, have its due position in this game. One issue in the information perspective of information systems development is of information flow, which I believe should play a central role in IS development. Due to the length constraint on papers I will be talking about this issue briefly here.


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