Obtaining Thermodynamic Information from Kinetic Measurements: Island Shape, Evaporation, and Coarsening

  • Horia I. Metiu
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 360)


Atoms deposited on a solid surface at sufficiently high temperature diffuse, meet, aggregate, and form many one-atom-high islands. During and after deposition the edge atoms move around the islands or “evaporate” onto the substrate, and the islands capture atoms from the gas surrounding them. These processes change the sizes and the shapes1–27 of the islands and lead to coarsening.28–32 In this lecture we examine some aspects of island-shape thermodynamics and its equilibrium with a two-dimensional gas, and the kinetics of evaporation. In addition we propose a fast method for atomic-level simulations of coarsening. We focus on recent work at Santa Barbara and some of the classic work needed to place it in proper context. We do not attempt a comprehensive review of important work by others.


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