Fathers in the 1990s

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
  • Wade C. Mackey
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As the 1990s indefatigably continued toward the 21st century, a crisp dilemma has occurred on the American scene: What to do with U.S. fathers? Two very separate images were being generated (see Furstenberg’s 1988, pp. 193–218) Good Dads-Bad Dads: Two Faces of Fatherhood and Coolsen’s (1993) Half Full or Half Empty? for complementary discussions). One image was pleasant and congenial: the modern, caring, in touch-with-their-feelings men, many of whom, along the way, had somehow managed to view themselves as morally superior to their own fathers. The second image was anything but congenial: the Deadbeat dad. These were tacky, tawdry men who absconded from their wives and children with the family’s treasure. The good news will be examined first.


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