Carboplatin Versus Cisplatin in the Chemotherapy of Solid Tumors — Pro Carboplatin

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The fact that we are still debating, in 1995, the merits of carboplatin versus cisplatin in the chemotherapy of solid tumors, exemplifies the extreme slowness of planning, implementing and completing important clinical trials in oncology. Cisplatin was approved for use in the treatment of ovarian cancer in the late 1970s, and carboplatin was approved for salvage therapy of ovarian cancer, in the late 1980s. Six years later, we continue to struggle with decisions concerning the appropriate role for these two platinum analogs in the management of ovarian, cervix, endometrial, head and neck, lung, and testicular cancers. Although there have been abundant phase III clinical trials comparing these agents in a number of target disease sites, the sample size and trial designs in most cases have proven inadequate to allow final conclusions to be drawn. Nevertheless, I have had no difficulty composing a “Pro Carboplatin” position paper. I even can say that this was a pleasurable experience!


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