Scanning Probe Microscopy and Nanotechnology

  • Victor A. Bykov
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It is presently a well-known fact (Adam, 1941; Blinov, 1988) that LB-films can be utilized as materials for biosensors (Petty, 1991), gate dielectrics for MOS technology (Matveeva and Bokov, 1992), high resolution plasma etching e-beam- and photo-resists for micro- and submicro-electronics (Matveeva and Bokov, 1992), pyroelectric sensors. LB-film materials with the properties of conductors (Troitsky, 1991), superconductors, semiconductors, dielectrics of various quality parameters are already available. LB-films are an extremely interesting object for the scanning probe microscopy (SPM) as well as for scanning tunneling (STM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM).


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