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  • Dani P. Bolognesi


The spread of HIV-1 infection that exploded on the scene in the 1980s continues in pandemic proportions and is having a major impact on public health worldwide. Although the rate of new infections in some parts of the world such as North America and Europe has stabilized, it is rising dramatically in parts of Asia, Latin America, and Africa. An effective prophylactic vaccine that can protect HIV-exposed individuals from infection and disease offers the best hope for combating this pandemic and is a global public health priority. More than 10 years has passed since the identification of HIV-1 as the cause of AIDS and despite intensive research, a path toward a vaccine remains cluttered with obstacles, disappointments, and knowledge gaps. Much of this dilemma stems from the unique features of the virus, particularly its genomic diversification, its multiple routes of infection, and its mechanisms of pathogenesis.


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