Implementation Tactics
  • Arnold P. Goldstein
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This chapter consists primarily of a cataloging of vandalism intervention tactics that have been employed in school, business, mass transit, park, library, museum, and other settings. These several tactics, and their accompanying sources, are provided for the reader wishing to pursue any of these means further, whether for information, implementation, or evaluation purposes. In arranging this listing, I have incorporated and built upon Clarke’s (1992) taxonomy for categorizing methods of situational crime prevention. I have employed his taxonomic system elsewhere to good advantage in an ecological analysis of aggression interventions targeted on a broader area than just vandalism (Goldstein, 1994), and I believe that, with the modified and additional categories I have placed in it, it will serve current purposes well. It should be noted that Clarke’s (1992) Categories 1 through 11 list physical and social environment-oriented vandalism interventions, and (my own) Categories 12 through 17 are directly or indirectly targeted on changing the potential or actual vandal himself or herself.


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