Relationships between Bone Mineral Density, Growth, and Aluminum in Healthy Former Premature Infant

  • D. Bouglé
  • F. Bureau
  • B. Guillois
  • R. Morello
  • J. F. Duhamel
  • J. P. Sabatier


The healthy adult is protected from aluminum (Al) accumulation by a low (< 1%) digestive absorption of ingested intake and by the renal excretion of the absorbed fraction (1). The main target organs for (Al) are bone, brain, liver and the hematopoietic system (1). In the premature infant (PT), tissue Al loading has been described at necropsy of critically ill subjects, due to IV feeding and renal failure (2–5). However, increased Al plasma levels have been described in healthy PT or fullterm infants (6–8). The functional relationship between such variations of serum Al and biological functions remains to be defined in the infant inasmuch as it has been claimed that Al blood levels might be of poor interest in adult subjects (1).


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  • F. Bureau
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  • B. Guillois
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  • R. Morello
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  • J. F. Duhamel
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  • J. P. Sabatier
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  1. 1.Laboratoire de Physiologie Digestive et Nutritionnelle, Laboratoire de Biochimie A, Service de Néonatologie, Laboratoire d’Informatique Médicale, Service de Pédiatrie A, Laboratoire des RadioisotopesCentre Hospitalo UniversitaireCaen CedexFrance

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